List of Mass Killings Around the World

6. Paris, France in January 2015


France fell under several attacks which were seamlessly coordinated and the terrorist caught the security personnel off guard. The attacks included gunmen shooting down pedestrians on the city streets and in the Bataclan Theater. The world mourned in solidarity with France after 130 people died in total after the coordinated attacks.


The terrorists pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State


5. Utoya, Norway in July, 2011


A terrorist with links to anti-Islamic group disguised as a cop and stormed a youth camp and laid to waste 68 campers who were into political activism. He killed people by bombing them and injuring many others.


4. Nairobi, Kenya in September, 2013


Kenya, which is in a current conventional war with the Al-Shabab militants, fell into heavy civilian casualty has a result of a siege at a popular and high-end mall. The Westgate Mall was taken over for long days on end and finally destroyed in days of gunfire and grenade activity. The few terrorists took civilian hostages, killed 70 people and wounded another 175 days. The Kenyan authorities and security forces were highly faulted for incompetence, corruption and negligence in how they handled the whole situation.


3. Paris, France in January, 2015


Charlie Hebdo offices were fatally attacked by an armed band of Islamist extremists who were offended by the irony with which the satirical weekly magazine advanced criticism on the concept of terrorism, the workers at the magazine personnel paid in 12 deaths and several other grievous wounds sustained. That should remind you to always watch how funny you are and to always stay silent in the fear of getting attached next. The satire continues: Aluta Continua!


2. Moscow, Russia in October, 2002


Militant Chechen gunmen invaded and seized the Dubrovka Theater which was filled to capacity on that fatal day. The Chechen militants managed to take over the whole jurisdiction, the then took over 850 hostages and they even went as far as killing over 170 innocent civilians in cold blood.



  1. Las Vegas, Nevada in October, 2017


The United States suffered the most fatal and depressing mass shooting that I ever experienced in the modern era. A disturbed man with an easy access to a high caliber gun that was capable of a massive assault went berserk and savagely shot and killed 59 people. In fact, the estranged murderer intended to kill many more people and he left 527 people with serious injuries but thankful enough for surviving his murderous attempts to end them.


The shooting left very many people unsettled with discontent because such events have become a normality.


Mass murders in the medieval eras were orchestrated by evil regimes. The other way humans die in huge numbers is always due to planned crushes and also in armed struggle. However, humans who die in mass killings are always innocent civilians in the modern error. The most terrific experiences humanity experiences results from few humans slaughtering other humans in mass numbers. It has always been due to the element of surprise like an infestation of black mold in house, and that the assailants are always coward who attack unarmed and non combatant civilians. They always go for the easy win.